What is a Club Pogo Weekly Challenge?

A Club Pogo Challenge is a weekly competition that lets Club Pogo fans show off their skills. To win, you'll need to complete a specific goal in one of your favorite games. You may be challenged to pop 1,000 balloons or spell 500 words. Every week, there is a different goal for you to complete. If you complete the challenge, you'll win a cool badge.

When do I play?

You can attempt to complete the current challenge any time during that week. The Room Selector page displays the length of time remaining in the current competition. Challenges usually start on Wednesday mornings.

What do I win?

If you can complete the goal before the challenge is over, you'll earn a new graphic you can use as your badge and a big token bonus!

What is a badge?

The badge is a small graphic that appears next to your name in the "Who's Here" list. Use your badge to show off your favorite game or express your personality.

How do I change my badge?

In your Player Profile, the Badges tab displays all of the challenges you've completed. Click the button next to your favorite to select that graphic as your new badge.

What is a Personal Challenge?

Each week, you can choose one additional challenge from your Challenge Badge Album and attempt to complete it. Once you activate a Personal Challenge, you have until the end of the week to win the badge. If you finish all of the challenges in a Challenge Badge Album, you'll win an Album Super Badge, and 5,000 tokens.

What is a Group Challenge?

Group Challenges are extra special challenges that have different rules from the regular weekly challenges.

All you have to do to contribute is win tokens in any game during the challenge. We'll keep track of how many tokens everyone wins and will have a page to monitor everyone's progress.

When enough Club Pogo members reach the goal, everyone who participated receives one of three badges! If you all pitch in enough to reach the third and final goal, we'll give everyone who contributed a Super Badge, a desktop wallpaper, and a nice big token bonus!

What is a Badge Album?

There are four different kinds of Badge Albums:

1. Challenge Badge Albums contain all of the challenges offered on Club Pogo. You can activate these as Personal Challenges.

2. Game Award Badge Albums are filled with badges you can only win by playing a game for a long time.

3. Special Edition Badge Albums contain Super Badges and other limited-release badges.

4. Premium Badge Albums are extra add-on challenges that you may purchase. The challenges in this album may be activated at any time and contain deluxe animated badges and secret special badges!