Pogo Minis Pogo Minis are online characters that you can create hundreds of looks for! Be seen in games as your Pogo Mini creation. Collect shirts, hats, pants, dresses, costumes and funny facial features for your Pogo Minis.

As a Club Pogo member, you automatically receive a Mini of your own. Your Mini can be a likeness of you, a character that shows some side of your personality or a wacky collection of items that you think is funny. With Pogo Minis it's entirely up to you.

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Regular Mini Items: Premium Mini Items:
Backgrounds Premium Backgrounds
Goodies Premium Goodies
Female Costumes and Outfits Premium Female Costumes and Outfits
Male Costumes and Outfits Premium Female Hair Styles
  Premium Male Costumes and Outfits

Deluxe Game Mini Winnables:
Lottso! Deluxe Mini Items
Mahjong Garden Deluxe Mini Items
The Poppit! Show Mini Items